2017 Officers

David Jin



David Jin hails from sunny Los Angeles, California. He is a second year physics major whose dream job is to do experimental physics at CERN. Most of his free time is spent trying to find new music, longboarding, or at Harolds. If you see him cruising across the quad in snow, rain or shine, feel free to say hi!

Jackson O'Donnell

Vice President


Jack is a second year Physics major from Chicago with a strong interest in Computer Science. In his spare time, he enjoys running, reading, and biking.

Jacob Pierce

Vice President


Jacob is a second year majoring in math and physics. He enjoys doing physics and is starting work in designing detectors of high-energy particles for the VERITAS project, which aims to determine the sources of cosmic rays in the universe. He hopes to keep doing astrophysics.

John Sim



John is a second year math major interested in abstract mathematics, specifically Algebra and Topology. He is also interested in physics and mathematics education for all school levels. He tutors mathematics and physics with the Maroon Tutor Match program and breaks with PhiNiX hip-hop dance crew.

Atreyo Pal



Atreyo is a first year in college majoring in physics. He is interested in particle/quantum physics/biophysics and genetics. Other interests include tennis, chess, and trekking.

Nachiket Agrawal

Outreach Officer


Nachiket is from Mumbai, India and is a second year Economics major minoring in Astronomy and Astrophysics. Outside of SPS, Nachiket is involved with Model UN and in his free time enjoys comedy shows, rainy days and driving!

Connor Fieweger



Connor Fieweger is a 2nd year majoring in physics with a particular interest in condensed matter physics and quantum information. He is also interested in creative writing, performing arts, and web management.